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Yes!She lives(not that anyone noticed she was gone by zadrfreak912
Yes!She lives(not that anyone noticed she was gone
Anyways yah. Nothing much to report really. I don't really draw much anymore. Just a few doodles here and there. Plus obviously I don't really come on here anymore which is weird because this place was literally my whole life. My Whole world! My place were I could come to be me and be happy and just ignore all the bad things for a while. I don't know. I guess things change. But today I literally had a moment of 'I need to get on there!' so I did! Updated my Profile pic! Yah so anyways yah. I know. I have said this before but I really will try to get on here More! I miss my deviant life and friends! Yah so I'll try! And really no one will probably read this but I don't know, I feel as if I put this promise here that I'll really try harder for you guys. My old friends. Because idk I don't want to let Anyone down. And! I will try to draw more! Bunny is back! Woo! 
Just a mermaid by zadrfreak912
Just a mermaid
Honestly I don't find myself drawing anymore but I never lost my inspiration or passion to do so! Even though I don't have anything fancy like a computer or once of those tablet things, I still used what I had for this. Which is my phone and finger!....which was hard xp but I hope you like it!
Brown is the new blue by zadrfreak912
Brown is the new blue
So I just felt like taking a pick of my eye. And it turned out frakin good! And I have always envied green and golden and blue eyes because they are so beautiful. I always thought my brown eyes were the most boring thing. Like they aren't even light brown. They are boring dark brown. Like so dark it's almost to dark to see my pupil. But after I took this with my phone I was like "hey. Who says brown can be pretty?"
Yup. I am 16 TODAY. isent that nice. Now I'm gunna have tobfind a job and shit and learn how to drive like a proper young lady and crap....wish me luck for life!!!

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Happy B-day. :D
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Happy birthday  Lex :D
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